Rest assured, we include non-compete language in our application process that legally prohibits us from soliciting or poaching your customers. We are committed to building a longstanding, mutually beneficial relationship with your IT company.
When you refer clients to us for search optimization, digital ads, or web development, we manage all client communication and needs. We can even manage the billing, making the process seamless for you.
Typically, your commission fee ranges from 10-20% and is added on top of our service fee. You earn smart money simply by delegating work to us. Additionally, because our SEO services are recurring, you’ll receive a commission check every month for as long as the client stays with us.
Absolutely. Our parent company, LaunchUX, originated from an MSP, so we understand the industry inside and out. We frequently build websites for our MSP partners.
Becoming a partner starts with a simple conference call. We’ll discuss your business needs and how we can work together. There are no obligations or minimum sales quotas.
Yes, you can host websites for your customers as long as you meet a few requirements regarding operating systems and PHP versions for security reasons.
Yes, we often take on SEO clients with sites we did not initially build. If the site meets performance and security standards, we’re happy to work on it. There’s a one-time SEO setup fee for clients whose websites we didn’t build.
We handle billing for affiliates, then cut you a check once the client pays and your balance reaches $100. If you are chosen to be a white label partner, we will invoice you, and you will invoice the client; we have net-15 terms for invoices, and white label partners are responsible for paying the invoice within that time frame even if your client has not yet paid.
No, we aim to keep the partnership simple and flexible. You’re not bound by any territorial restrictions or commitments.
Clients may be subject to the start-up fee again depending on various factors such as the time lapsed as a client or if they have used another SEO firm in the interim.
We pride ourselves on a same-day response time during business hours. We acknowledge every request, even if we can’t resolve it immediately.
Yes, our partner dashboard allows you to see all of your earnings and the status of ongoing projects. We believe in 100% transparency and constant communication.