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Rob CalvertArts & Healing Initiative Compliance Audit / Failure

Ping or Krista will be reaching out. This page on their site was submitted for a PCI compliance audit and they failed. They have the detailed report, we do not.

Robert EllisAhoskie Housing Authority Update to Front Page

The client request that this announcement be put on the front page. Please make it look good. Also, can you please set the favicon?

Thank you

"Ahoskie Housing Authority 3 bedroom waiting list is not open and we are accepting application here at the office located at 200 Pierce Ave. Ahoskie, NC 27910. There is a $25 application fee for each adult 18 and over. Applications must be picked up at our local administrative office. Please direct all calls to 252-332-4104."

Tim CormierPlanned Approach Benefits Plugins w/ Security Vulnerabilities

The site has the following plugins that currently have updates available:

JetElements For Elementor*

*Known security issues

These are all paid plugins, but no subscription was provided during development. Are these integral to the functioning of the website? If so, how do you recommend we install the updates? Do you have a volume license or a discounted purchase option?

launchuxMichael Bankshttps://banks.comBanks likes boys

Banks needs therapy

launchuxDinglehttps://nathansplushyemporium.comZoho is garbage

For some reason Zoho is not working

Joshua AbramsCampbell Tintah Public Schools footer

Change the website footer to remove current content and change it to "Developed by Digital Guru".

Joshua AbramsDigital Guruhttps://digitalgurustore.comBanner on redirect from another website

We have recently acquired another company and wanted to know if it's possible to have a banner at the top of our website when a browser is redirected from the old website ( to our website.

If it's possible, we would like it say "Digital Guru has recently acquired R&B Printer. Please contact us for all your computer and printer needs".

The old website is not WordPress, straight HTML/PHP from 2013. If it's not possible then we'll just do a redirect or something with their website.

MouseCallsRTP Consultingrtpconsulting.comUpdate Navigation Bar

Can we get a small update made to the nav bar on their site? We would love to get "Hiring Mistakes" added to the main nav bar and having it link to this page -

Ryan McCloskeyClarence Dillon Public Libraryhttps://dillonlibrary.orgHomepage slider

Hi - Clarence Dillon Public Library has a homepage slider. It appears that when the page fully loads, the slider expands horizontally off the page. Interestingly enough, when you first load the page, the first slider image appears the way it is supposed to. At first I thought it was an image size thing but I don't believe it is. After the page fully loads, you can see the upcoming slide image beginning to appear which is not correct. Any chance you could take a look? An approx. date and time of when you'll be able to begin troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated.

Joshua AbramsVertin Company job listing with javascript

I have no idea how to do this so passing it over to you guys.

On the page we need the currently job listings removed and in it's place use the javascript line below.

The gravity form at the bottom can stay, just need the job listings list replaced with the code above.

Partner NameClient NameURLTicket Name/SubjectBriefly Describe the Issue or Revision.Status