SEO and Web Design Referral Programs for MSPs

How SEO and Web Design Referral Programs for MSPs Unlock New Revenue Avenues

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) often find themselves seeking ways to diversify their income. The need to offer more than just managed IT services is increasingly apparent. One untapped avenue is web development and SEO services. However, many MSPs may not have the in-house capability or expertise to provide these offerings. Enter SEO and web design referral programs for MSPs: a lucrative and low-risk way to add another revenue stream.

Why Referral Programs?

Zero Overhead

Referral programs require no additional investment, staffing, or operational changes. You simply refer your clients to a trusted partner and earn a commission.

Relevance and Value

SEO and web design are services that many of your existing clients already need but may not know that you can help provide. By offering these services through a referral program, you add value to your existing client relationships.

Complement Core Offerings

SEO and web design services often complement the existing services provided by MSPs, creating a holistic IT and digital marketing strategy for your clients.

How to Choose a Referral Program Partner


Choose a reputable provider with a proven track record. They should have a portfolio and case studies to back their claims.


Look for a partner who offers flexible terms and various types of referral arrangements, from one-off introductions to recurring commission models.


Ensure that your partner provides a transparent reporting system to track referrals, conversions, and your earned commissions.

The LaunchUX Referral Program: Designed for MSP Success

At LaunchUX, we provide a tailored SEO and web design referral program that is beneficial to MSPs. Here’s why you should consider partnering with us:

Rich Commissions

Earn a generous commission for each successful referral. Our aim is to make it as profitable for you as it is for us.

Co-Marketing Opportunities

We offer various co-marketing opportunities, like webinars and co-branded content, to help both of us reach a wider audience.

Seamless Client Experience

We ensure a smooth transition for your clients, treating them with the same level of care and professionalism you would provide.


SEO and web design referral programs for MSPs offer a fantastic way to expand your service offerings without taking on additional overhead or management complexities. When you partner with a reputable service provider, you can increase your revenue while providing more value to your existing clientele. Reach out to LaunchUX today to find out more about our SEO and web design referral program designed specifically for MSPs.


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